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Anzac day toursAnzac Day in Gallipoli Turkey

Many Australian &New Zealanders are travelling  to Turkey for a special dawn service at Gallipoli. The service at dawn in Gallipoli has since become popular to attend on ANZAC Day. Upwards of 10,000 people have attended services in Gallipoli. Until 1999 the Gallipoli dawn service was held at the Ari Burnu war cemetery at Anzac Cove, but the growing numbers of people attending resulted in the construction of a more spacious site on North Beach, known as the 'ANZAC Commemorative Site'.


How to travel anzac day turkeyIS IT OKAY IF I TRAVEL ALONE?

Yes! Lots of our travellers travel alone, so don’t be afraid to turn up solo – you will certainly leave with a stack of new-found friends! We use Thermal hotel accommodation on our ANZAC tours and we will match you up with another same-sex traveller so you won’t have that unwelcome, pesky ‘single-supplement’ to pay!

Anzac day tours WHAT SHALL I BRING?

You will need to pack a sleeping bag to wrap around you at the Cove and lots of warm clothes! The weather in April can be very cold at night, and remember you will be sitting out all night prior to the Dawn Service. Gloves, scarves, beanies and lots of layers is the way forward, but during the day you could well be in a T-Shirt lapping up the sun! Conclusion? Take a mixture!

Anzac day booking adviseSHALL I BOOK ADVANCE?

Yes definetly you make your booking advanced. Because in Anzac day all hotels are booked and the packages are fully booked so also when you make advanced booking you can get Promotios rates for Anzac Day programs



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