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Istanbul old city panaromic viewSultanahmet old city is one of the most central parts of the Istanbul, getting to the Old City by public transport is easy. The waterfront often hosts cruise ships, providing passengers  with easy, self walking and visiting the Historical sights as Mosques, Museums, Palaces just walking distance.

You can find Hotels, Hostels, Boutique Hotels for everyones budget. There are restaurants for every budget too. Easy to explore to the old city including Bazaars and Mosques.That can be a reason to stay in old city for saving time to Enjoy in istanbul. Troublefree region of  Istanbul You can search some hotels below listed for you.

Taxim square in istanbul. Taksim is a lovely place for the night life enjoying in istanbul. Lots of nice Hotels and great clubs are established in this region of Istanbul. Also interesting for shopping too. All international brands has store on the Istiklal street where you can enjoy to walk. Hips of Grand Hotels and beautiful apthmospher for the joyful nighlife. Also a nice place to stay but it make take time to go for visiting places as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar etc. But that is not a big problem Tour companies making your life easier for visiting such a places without waiting at the ticket que. Another alternatives are taksi or tramway which is the best transportation inthe city. If you want to have a taste of night life in Taksim you can choose your Hotel or Hostel in the region.

Beyazit, Aksaray, Laleli Region of Istanbul. This 3 region has also hips of good Hotels and a little risky night life be away from this regions clubs.But it has also good Hotels and close to the Grand bazaar and Old city Sultanahmet. If you want to save money and want to stay great hotel that region can be good option for you. You can search some hotels below hotel search section.

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