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Antalya is situated on a cliff in the southern part of Anatolia, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea (ancient Pamphylia). The west of the Antalya gulf extends to the Bey Mountain group, and Toros Mountains which are located on the north east side.

Antalya is a resort paradise where you can spend a lovely Holiday in beautiful resort Hotels beside visiting the histtorical sights. There are lots of hotels, holiday villages, and resorts on the beach you can stay with allinclusive boarding.

You can have such a activities in ANTALYA

  • Play Golf in Antalya

  • Rafting in Antalya

  • Diving in Mediterranean

  • Go Shopping

  • Go Aquapark

  • Visit Aspendos

  • Visit Kaleici

  • Visit Museums

  • Join Jeep Safari

  • Ride a Horse